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Error on finding Unknown DbfColumnType

Sep 29, 2008 at 9:52 PM
I'm using a datasource from and it was throwing an exception because of an unknown column type of "F".

I could not find what column type "F" actually was so I just assigned it as a memo.

If you know what it is could you please add it as a known column type.

Btw the program worked beautifully after I added the case for "F" add a writeln to show the unknown column type.

SocialExplorer.FastDBF / DbfColumn.cs Line 357-376

public static DbfColumnType GetDbaseType(char c)
        case "C": return DbfColumnType.Character;
        case "N": return DbfColumnType.Number;
        case "B": return DbfColumnType.Binary;
        case "L": return DbfColumnType.Boolean;
        case "D": return DbfColumnType.Date;
        case "I": return DbfColumnType.Integer;
        case "M": return DbfColumnType.Memo;
        case "F": return DbfColumnType.Memo;

      Console.WriteLine("Unknown Column Type: " + c.ToString().ToUpper());
      //return DbfColumnType.Memo;
      throw new NotSupportedException(String.Format("{0} does not have a corresponding dbase type.", c));
Feb 19, 2013 at 3:20 AM
"F" is a DbfColumnType.Number from what I see, so maybe assign it to that instead of Memo.